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Board Briefs 09/30/2017
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A Meeting of the Minds

Secretary's Notes

PCTC has chosen the following judges for upcoming Specialties:

  • Specialty 2018
    • Sweepstakes: Michelle Hostler
    • Regular classes: Geir Flyckt Pedersen
  • Specialty 2019
    • Sweepstakes: Liz Ludlow
    • Regular classes: Joe Vernuccio
Member Applicants

There are no Member Applicants at this time.

  Board Briefs - September 30, 2017

The Board met at the Warrenton KC show in Millwood, VA.

Eighteen members and guests were in attendance. Below is a brief overview of topics discussed:

  1. Vice President John Cleland will post upcoming events and dates in the newsletter, which will include the Canine Good Citizen introduction by Charmaine Fedick on November 11th at the Catoctin Kennel Club in Point of Rocks, MD.
  2. The Holiday get-together will be firmed up and posted to the membership.
  3. The Board discussed what information was appropriate to be posted for the club’s blast emails. The Board agreed that only pertinent club and membership information would be accepted to be sent to the membership.
  4. Beth Wilson updated all present on the 2018 April Specialty. AKC approval has been received for this event. Volunteers are always welcomed.
  5. The Board discussed ideas for creative money-making events for Ways and Means. White elephant sales and auctions were suggested. Also, volunteers are needed to help with Ways and Means. Please call Ann Gates if you can help in this area.
  6. Ann Gates stated that Billie Kellogg Kneale would be the judge for the Cairns, Saturday, April 22 at the Old Dominion supported entry show.
  7. The PCTC Nominating Committee and the Judges Balloting Committee were discussed and will be firmed up in the next month.

  Board Briefs - April 29, 2017

The Board met at the home of Ann Gates.

The following is a brief highlight of topics discussed:

  1. The Board discussed the need for more frequent membership meetings and will incorporate them with several future events.
  2. This year’s Specialty was a wonderful success. The Board was most grateful to Joyce Britt and her wonderful team for their dedication and generous work for PCTC.
  3. The need to overview PCTC’s Bylaws and Constitution in light of social media abuses was an important topic of discussion. It was agreed that Judith Simmons and Jeff Spencer would look into this for further evaluation.
  4. The Board would like to plan a special membership event to include the Pennsylvania membership as a thank you for all their involvement from PCTC.
  5. Jackie Sowards has resigned as Chairperson of Ways and Means. Many sincere thanks from all of us for her dedicated service to PCTC. Jackie has helped PCTC in so many ways for over 25 years and we are so grateful to her for all she has done for PCTC. The Board is asking for volunteers for Ways and Means. Please contact Ann Gates, PCTC President.
  6. A motion was presented, seconded, and carried to discontinue Champion Sweepstakes at the 2018 PCTC April Specialty.
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  Annual Meeting Minutes - March 4, 2017

The Potomac Cairn Terrier Club’s Annual Meeting was held on March 4, 2017 at The Main Cup in Middletown, MD. The minutes are presented below. The PCTC 2016 minutes were approved as presented in the March 2016 issue of Thistle Talk by all members in attendance. 
Present: There were 57 members and 7 guests in attendance: Sas Argentine, Wes Rogers, Bitsy Armstrong Rogers, David Blanchfield, Brenda Blanchfield, Joyce Britt, Lois Cleland, John Cleland, Sharon Deibel, Larry Deibel, Arlene Dorn, Charmaine Fedick, Will Flory, Ann Gates, Mary Goss, Trudi Graham, Jim Graham, Lynda Hammel, Michelle Hostler, Sharon Howse, Jerry Howse, Veronica Hudak-Moe, Lydia Hutchinson, Harriet Kavanagh, Bill Kent, John Kornylo, Barbara Kornylo, Liz Ludlow, Dave Mitchell, Nicole Mitchell, Ken Moe, Janet Neilson, Doug Neilson, Diane Ondo, Roberta Perry, Linda Reiff, Duane Schell, Sherrye Schenk, Judy Simmons, Reed Sims, Becky Sims, Peggy Slattery, John Slattery, Melinda Smith, Cherlyn Smith, Jackie Sowards, Dana Sowards, Leslie Spencer, Jeff Spencer, Trudy Thomas, Bill Thomas, Nan Vonfeldt, Millie Wells, Beth Wilson, Karen Wilson, Tom Wilson, Ellie Wilson, Kelli Winkler, Letisha Wubbel, Carol Wubbel, Ching Yu, and Karen Yu.
Officers Reports
President Lydia Hutchinson: A review of the past year shows that our club has once again fulfilled the vision its founders had 43 years ago.  We have held a successful specialty, two well-attended field trials, two match shows, and have supported the conformation entries at two all-breed shows.  An outstanding health clinic with eye examinations and microchipping was held, including an educational presentation by Dr. Peterson-Jones.  In addition we enjoyed fellowship at two purely social functions.
An especially noteworthy achievement in 2016 was the successful completion of a Financial Review by a CPA.  Research showed that no similar review had been done since the club was organized in 1973.  I am pleased to report that all our finances were found to be in order.  I commend all the Treasurers who have served our club over the years.
Our Board has worked well in a unified, supportive manner when presented with several challenging issues.  Our goal was to make decisions based on what was best for PCTC, its members, and our dogs.  Each Officer and Board member deserves recognition for a job well done.  Just as important are the contributions made by many of our members in organizing events and chairing committees.  Thank you to all.  I would ask you to give a round of applause for all their efforts. 
Vice President Bitsy Armstrong: Good morning. It is wonderful to see such a good turn out for our Annual Meeting.

As Vice President, I am responsible for helping with general governance with the rest of the Board, filling in for the President when he/she is unavailable, and being the Program Chairperson. We have held two field trials at Veronica and Ken's house, a program to help newer cairn folks choose their cairns well at Michelle Hostler's home, a program to help develop training handling skills, our annual specialty, a supported entry, 2 matches (one at Kelli Winkler's, the other at Dogtopia), a holiday gathering at O'Faloin's, and a very successful health clinic where 60 dogs had their eyes checked. To all who helped to accomplish these events, thank you.

An important project that some of us hoped to accomplish in 2017 was to make the "nuts and bolts" of how the club functions, in detail, available to all the members via the member's side of the website. We thought it help avoid confusion and help dates and specific responsibilities from falling thru the cracks.

Let me preface the rest of my comments by telling the Secretary to remove my name from the slate for Vice President. I do believe in democracy but if elected, I am unwilling to serve this club further. The amount of twisted and inaccurate maligning of this Board by rumor mill and in social media throughout the year has been unacceptable.

I recommend the new Board read and follow our Constitution and Bylaws as it is clear to me that ignorance of the content is a problem. On this, let me be more specific. Our constitution states that no member may profit from a club event. This is an important element in maintaining our non-profit status.

I lobbied the Board to not respond publicly to the controversies by getting in the mud. I expected the club members to be savvy enough to consider the personal dynamics involved, consider the sources, and have common sense. Many thanks to those who also tried to rise above the unpleasantries this year.

Treasurer Ken Moe: A copy of the financial report for 2016 may be obtained by contacting Ken Moe via e-mail or phone.
Secretary Peggy Slattery: The PCTC’s Annual minutes for 2016 were typed and presented in the  March issue of Thistletalk.  At this time, I would like to present the motion that the minutes be accepted as presented in Thistletalk. (The motion was carried.)
The Board met 4 times during the past year and the minutes were taken, typed, and distributed by the Secretary.  A brief overview of these minutes has been put in Thistle Talk under Board Briefs.
PCTC’s regular class judge for 2019, Joe Vernuccio, has been contacted and has accepted the club’s invitation. The 2019 Sweepstakes judge, Liz Ludlow, has also accepted PCTC’s invitation. Letters of Welcome have been sent to this year’s Specialty judges, Sally Yancy, regular class judge, and Sharon Howse, sweepstakes judge.
The Secretary also keeps in touch with AKC and other Cairn club affiliates – such as CTCA.  Any designated correspondence, which the President, officers, or chairpersons deem necessary is sent out from the Secretary.  Correspondence sent for the benefit of the club is given by the Secretary.  Recently, I received, sadly, the resignation of Pam Davis as performance Chairperson.  Pam stated that due to family complications; the illness and recovery of her father, CTCA commitments, and performance training with her dogs, she can no longer serve PCTC as chairperson.  We appreciate her involvement and expertise in supporting this important area of PCTC.  But on the most positive side I would like to announce that Charmaine Fedick has agreed to be our new 2017 Performance Chairperson. Would Charmaine please stand.  
Letters were also sent out to registered club members in January announcing the PCTC slate of officers and Board of Directors for 2017 which were received from the Nominating Committee.  Additional names for consideration for a position to the Board or Board of Directors were to be sent to the Secretary by February 15th.  Five additional nominations were received which will require a Ballot vote at this meeting.   
I am glad to have served PCTC as Secretary this year and hope 2017 is a good year for PCTC members and friends; especially our wonderful Cairn terriers.
Committee Reports
PCTC Specialty Weekend [Joyce Britt]:  We're nearing the finish line. Decisions have been made, preparations are well under way, and the count down to April 21st has begun. 
Peggy Slattery made arrangements with Sheraton Baltimore North for block accommodations, and a comfortable hospitality suite that will lend itself nicely to our informal meet and greet. Cocktails will be served from 6 to 7PM followed by a sumptuous dinner with tables graced by lovely "Dazzled With Diamonds" center pieces created by Beth Wilson.
Jerry Howse completed his advertising campaign and has one full page ad, three half page ads, two with photos, and one business card ad. In addition, we have the PCTC Trophy Donor and Hospitality Page, and a full page photo commemorating Tom Fulcher. Jerry personally contacted people who placed ads in the past, and Veronica Hudak-Moe emailed the advertising information and form to the membership twice.
Lois and John Cleland are working with a caterer to extend a warm welcome to exhibitors and guests. A breakfast of finger foods, juice, and coffee will be served ringside the morning of the Specialty, and their usual savory lunch will be available midday.
Hospitality is well underway. Leslie and Jeff Spencer chose SignUp to communicate items needed for the Hospitality Suite, and they will bring a sign up sheet to PCTC's Annual Luncheon to enlist additional volunteers willing to donate food or beverages.
The Spencer's have also been busy creating decorative hospitality centerpieces to raffle with proceeds going to PCTC's rescue. Raffle tickets will be sold for a dollar each and will be sold only in the Hospitality Suite. Winning tickets will be drawn at the banquet, and winners may pick up their spoils in the Hospitality Room. Darlene Simpson placed notices in our newsletter three times, but has received no requests from out-of-town exhibitors for temporary use of grooming equipment. 
Kelli Winkler and Trudi Graham have trophies ready to go, and perpetual trophies are back from the engraver. Kelli and Trudi have done a yeoman's job shopping sales to save money for items used for their handmade trophies. Special thanks go to Trudi's artistic son-in-law for creating this year's outstanding logo. Bitsy Armstrong and Arlene Dorn, Raffle Co-chairs, are organized and ready to sell raffle tickets for the framed, original Disney cel displayed on the easel. Kudos to Diane Ondo for graciously donating the unique, one-of-a-kind collector's item to be raffled at the 2017 club banquet.
Jackie Sowers has a number of items available for the after dinner auction, and numerous items available for the silent auction. She also has two valuable, original oils available to discerning collectors. Dana Sowers and Jeff Spencer, auctioneers, will entertain us with their quick wit and humorous presentation.
Ways and Means [Jackie Sowards]: Ways and means including auction and raffle revenue was $3,290. 
Expenses were $1035. Profit of $2,255. We have about ten items for the auction. We have many items for silent auction and a few for ways and means.
Breeder Referral [Roberta Perry, Marsha Quinn]: The Breeder Referral Committee  is comprised of Marsha Quinn and  Roberta Perry. We rely on your support to give information to callers looking to acquire a cairn. It really helps us if you tell us when you have a cairn available for a home and then, please let us know when you no longer need referrals. This past year, there were approximately 4 contacts a week from people in Va. and Md. wanting a cairn. Marsha reports 3 inquiries in the past two months in Pa...We refer callers to the CTCA website if we do not know of a PCTC member with a cairn to  place. The calls vary from month to month depending on weather and season. We answer questions relating to cairns, and  our club activities.
Several weeks ago, I received email from someone who had contacted me to help in their search for a cairn. This person sent me an update on how things were progressing. They had contacted several of our members and ended up getting a puppy. They were so happy to have met breeders who cared for their dogs. What most impressed this family was how well we spoke of each other and our level of responsibility to our dogs. I believe this is so important as many times, this is the first time callers have spoken to serious breeders. I know we can find ourselves at times too busy to answer a request or we do so briefly , but please keep in mind when you speak to people, we do represent more than ourselves .We are the gateway to the community of dog owners, especially that of cairns.
Newsletter [Becky Sims]: The newsletter continues to be published 6 times per year.  Newsletter team consists of:  Becky Sims, Ruth Graham and Lydia Hutchinson.  Becky creates the newsletter while Ruth and Lydia do the final proofing, approvals and mailings.  
Club members who currently receive the newsletter online are provided a link via e-mail whenever an issue is released. To date, there are 69 households who have opted to receive the newsletter online.  
Currently, there are 26 households receiving the hardcopy via U.S. mail.  As a reminder, opting for the online version saves the club money, saves volunteer time, and saves paper. If possible, we greatly encourage members to opt out of receiving the newsletter via snail mail.  
When submitting articles and information, we encourage members to use the ThistleTalk e-mail address:
Thank you for continuing to send in articles, photos and updates.  It’s because of your wonderful support that makes this such a great newsletter!
Membership [Veronica Hudak-Moe]: Since the last annual meeting, we have had 6 new members join. Sharon & Larry Deibel, Kathy Thomas, Rusty & Beth Smith, and Linda Reiff became members in the last year. One member passed away, and 9 members opted not to renew for 2017. As of this writing, we have 133 members in 95 households. Seven membership packets were sent out in the last year: all via e-mail or the web site. Currently, one individual membership application is pending a vote for membership: Martha Nazak. (Martha Nazak was voted into membership).
Field Trials [Veronica Hudak-Moe]: The club held two Field Trials in 2016. In the Spring, we had 37 Terriers entered in the races and 19 in Go-to-ground. In the Fall, we had 30 Terriers entered in the races and 15 in Go-to-ground. Crew members from the FidoTV Channel attended the Fall trials to film and photograph those Terriers in action. Many thanks goes to the participants and everyone who helped out with the Field Trials planning and execution. Without entries and volunteers, the field trials cannot continue to be a success. We are always looking for volunteers so if you are willing and able to help, please let me know.
Web Site [Veronica Hudak-Moe]: The PCTC web site will be 17 years old this June and continues to give members the ability to update contact info, pay dues, and access club forms and other “members only” information. The PCTC fan page on Facebook allows both club members and non-members to follow club happenings and currently has around 489 fans. This page allows its fans to share Cairn-related photos, videos, and links and it is another way to get more traffic to our web site and inform the public about our club. There is also a Rescue fan page on Facebook with 360 fans that targets rescue owners and Cairn lovers in order to educate them about rescue and get them involved in club events.
Match Report [Beth Wilder-Wilson]: Thank you everyone who participated at the Fun/B matches this past year. We all had a great time and the puppies got a chance to experience the “Dog Show”. Please keep an eye out for possible venues to have our puppy matches in both Maryland and Virginia.  I would like to compile a list to have on hand of both indoor and outdoors venues.
Judges Selection [Bill Kent]: Bill Kent reported that 99 voting packets were sent out to the membership for selection of regular and sweepstakes judges for the 2020 PCTC Specialty. Forty-nine ballots were returned. Thirteen ballots had to be discounted due to incorrect marking. The Committee feels the process was successful. The results of the balloting are: Regular Class judge for 2020 are: (1) Ann Katona, (2) Randy Garren, (3) Cindy Myer. The Sweepstakes judge results for 2020 are: (1) Carol Ackerson, (2) Gloria Mair, (3) Ellie Wilson. As first place selection by the membership letters of invitation will be sent to Ms. Katona and Ms Ackerson.
Performance [Pam Davis]: I was disappointed in the membership lack of response to the Performance Survey – 22 responses out of over 130 sent to the membership.  I do agree that PCTC should not supply training programs, especially since there are so many different venues that are offered by AK C with a wonderful event calendar which is event and geographical area specific.  I do feel the  club should offer a Canine Good Citizen test on occasion, perhaps with another event.  This should be posed to the membership.  Saying that, it does need a commitment of training and working with your dog.  No one else can do that for you!
Selection of PCTC Match Judges: Names to judge the two PCTC matches were solicited from those in attendance. The results were: (1) Mary Goss, (2) Barbara Kornylo, (3) Kelli Winkler, and (4) Bill Kent. Mary and Barbara agreed to judge, and will notify the Secretary with their decision on which match they wish to judge. Presentation of the 2009 Annual Awards (Lois Cleland): Seventeen awards were presented for Conformation champions. Three awards were presented for Grand Champions. Four awards were presented for Performance Champions. 
President’s Award [Lydia Hutchinson]: The 2016 President’s award was presented to Ken Moe for his outstanding commitment and service to PCTC.
Nominating Committee Report [Liz Ludlow, John Cleland, Beth-Wilder Wilson]: The Nominating Committee submitted the following slate of Officers: President-Lydia C. Hutchinson, Vice President-Ann Armstrong Rogers, Secretary Peggy Slattery, and Treasurer Ken Moe. Board of Directors: Elizabeth Ludlow, Roberta Perry, and Nicole Mitchell. The Secretary received 5 additional nominations: Ann Gates-President, John Cleland-Vice President; Kelli Winkler, Jeff Spencer, and Will Flory-Board of Directors. The Membership Vote by Ballot was taken with the following slate of officers selected: President Ann Gates, Vice President John Cleland, Secretary Peggy Slattery, and Treasurer Ken Moe. The Board of Directors is: Liz Ludlow, Roberta Perry, and Jeff Spencer.
Old Business: No old business was brought up for discussion
New Business:
(1) Beth Wilder-Wilson informed the membership that she was arranging continued health testing quarterly starting in April. Beth stated that she was in the process of organizing blood work, ultra sounds, and microchipping. Contact her if you wish to schedule any dogs for testing and she will coordinate your appointment.
(2) Karen Wilson, CTCA President, informed all present that CTCA was hosting their 100th Anniversary celebration at Purina Farms in Gray Summit, Missouri, May 1-7, 2017 and all are invited to come and enjoy the great festivities.
(3) Lynda Hammel questioned the feasibility of continuing the PCTC Specialty Champion Sweepstakes in light of the fact of the poor entry and the trophies expense. It was stated that the Board would review this and make a decision after the April Specialty.
(4) Beth Wilder-Wilson agreed to be the liaison between the CTCA Board and the Foundation of CTCA.
The meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm. The next Board meeting will be announced.


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